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Communication strategy

Starting from your overall strategy and stakeholder needs we develop a communication strategy as a key enabler for realizing the objectives of your organization or project.

Communication strategy implementation

We ensure your communication strategy is effectively implemented using the appropriate communication tools. We track progress on a regular basis and update the plan accordingly.

Change management

We have solid experience in assessing the right enablers and potential roadblocks for realizing your strategy. On the basis of this assessment we develop an effective stakeholder engagement plan.

Consultancy & coaching

We provide ad hoc consultancy and coaching for managers and leadership teams both in communication strategy and implementation.


Video Demoreel

Video in particular is one of our preferred communication tools. It has proven to be very effective in getting messages across to the defined audiences.
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What Clients say

“Karl is the i~HD Media and Communications Consultant, having started with us by preparing our launch nearly two years ago. He has an excellent understanding of the challenges of achieving innovation in healthcare and clinical research. He has bought us great knowledge and experience of how to construct and to implement our communications strategy, evolving this as we have grown and matured. He has helped us to engage successfully with different stakeholder groups: patients, health professionals, health ministries, pharma industry, policy makers etc. He has guided and co-created the design and content for our web site, video interviews, animations, newsletters, news features etc. He has also represented our Institute at some stakeholder meetings. Karl works with a strong team of audio-visual experts, and delivers materials to a very high standard. He is also great to work with, and constantly challenges us to present ourselves even better!”
Dipak Kalra, President of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD)